Summer Hours


Shop Til 8pm

Denver Recreation Sales Locations

Denver City Council recently approved Recreational Denver Dispensary owners to stay open later! With the warmer weather and longer days upon us, Dual Sales STRAINWISE® Branded Dispensaries in the City of Denver are taking full advantage of that, and now so can you!

Medical Only Location Summer Hours:
9:00am–6:45 pm 7 Days A Week

Medical Only Locations: The Ridge, The Retreat, and The Range.

Dual Sales Location Summer Hours:
9:00am–7:45pm 7 Days A Week

Dual Sales Locations: The Haven, The Grove, The Sanctuary, and The Shelter No Medical Sales Permitted at any of these locations after 6:45pm

Note: Doors close 15 minutes early to allow final customer time to shop and make purchases.

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