9 Colorado Dispensaries

STRAINWISE® has 6 Denver Dispensaries in the metro area and 3 more spread throughout the west in Colorado. Seven of our marijuana dispensaries serve recreational cannabis users and two are medical marijuana only establishments. STRAINWISE® is more than just the brick and mortar of our stores however…

Across Colorado, all nine STRAINWISE® stores are a tribute to Higher Living, a phrase used to describe anyone on a journey or mission to better themselves, their situation or their community. On all four walls you will see posted words of wisdom, an array of framed licensure, clear cut laws and detailed steps that need to be taken in order to, Consume Intelligently. In addition to this professionalism, there is energy in the air. The passion that the ‘Budtenders’ have for their product is palpable. These men and women rise up above and beyond the status of simple retail help. They are not only educators and teachers, but they also serve as guides along your journey. They are bold testimonials personified. The physical atmosphere is clean and classy.

STRAINWISE® is Colorado's source for Higher Living™. We have several dispensary locations around Colorado offering both medical & recreational sales.

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