Which Strain Makes You Feel Higher Love?

Last month we asked you the question "What's Your Favorite Strain". When we posted the first update we had received 85 responses and Bruce Banner was blazing to the top of the charts.

A few weeks later, our favorite hot head is still on top by a long shot! He has some competition this time. Out of 171 responses, the following strains rounded out the top 19: Bruce Banner (29), Golden Goat (10), Blue Dream (7), Grape Ape (7), Sour Diesel (7), Agent Orange (7), Green Crack (6), Girl Scout Cookies (6), Flo (6), Pineapple Express (4), OG Kush (4), Blueberry (4), Grand Daddy Purple (4), Diablo (3), Cinderella 99 (3), Skunk (3), Headband (2), Shiskaberry (2) & Bubba Kush (2).


Now we want to know,"Which strain makes you feel Higher Love?"

So far we have 56 responses! Hurry over to the website and enter your response!

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