What's your favorite strain?

We are constantly looking for feedback from the Higher Living® Nation! That's why we have added a new element to our website. You will find a prompt at the bottom of the website. These prompts will change every now and then to keep the responses fresh! The new site went live over 2 weeks ago, and our first question has already received 85 responses.

Our current prompt is “What's your favorite strain?”

Right now, Bruce Banner #3 is leading the way with 21% of the vote!

It's hard competing with a Cannabis Cup winner.


Honorable mentions

Blue Dream
Pineapple Express
Girl Scout Cookies
Sour Diesel
Green Crack

Be sure to visit and let us know which strains you prefer. Feel free to enter multiple strains that you love! We can use this information to keep the strains and products you really love in stock.

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