What is Higher Love?


Here at STRAINWISE™ we are excited for this month's festivities to say the least! Events, deals, friends, celebration all in the name 420! In fact, we are so excited that we've coined the ENTIRE month of April as the month of “Higher Love”.

We named April the month of “Higher Love”-- and not just because of our obvious love for Mary Jane. It is our opportunity to show the Higher Living® Nation how much we appreciate and love you all.

Cannabis itself is a compassionate plant. For thousands of years this plant has been helping communities and individuals improve their lives and health. In our lifetime, we have seen cannabis shamed, stigmatized, and then re-legalized. This new movement has created hope across the country and the world.

This 420, let's all remember what we are celebrating. We are celebrating the fact that we can all come together as one diverse community who share a common thread. So spread the love, toast to health, and share with friends!

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