Pot Head: Breaking the Marijuana Enthusiast Stereotype


The Typical Pot Head Today Isn't Your Typical Pot Head.

Times have changed, but perceptions haven't...yet, not fully anyway. In the clip below we see Hollywood actor Seth Rogen discuss some of the "finer" points of marijuana in Colorado & Washington state with David Letterman on Dave's CBS show. While Dave acknowledges that he has been out of the counter culture scene for some time, some 30 years, he admits his belief that if he was to smoke today he'd have to be place on a gurney and wheeled onto the stage to do this interview.

This seems to be what a majority of the general, non smoking public has in mind of marijuana users, or patients as we prefer to think of ourselves. Thankfully, Seth chimes right in and tells him he, with almost certainty, has cannabis in his system at all times. Of course, David responds in disbelief.

While Rogen jokes about numbing his brain out, many of our patients smoke to maintain a level of comfort. Whether it be from chronic pain, or nerves, relief from pains of cancer or nausea, medical marijuana offers much needed all natural relief to these and more ailments. Many people will attest to the creative boost the use of cannabis provides them.

Some influential people have used Mary Jane as their muse:

Stephen Colbert
Jon Stewart
Jay Z
Bill Gates
George Clooney
Seth Rogen (of course)
Snoop Dogg
Willie Nelson
Robin Williams
The list goes on and on. These people are successful in their chosen professions and shatter the "pot head" stereotype. Perhaps the fact that people such as these have not only admitted to using marijuana, but they've actually embraced it is helping slowly but surely put the stereotype to rest.

Not to say there aren't people out there who smoke or use to get high. As with any medication, it can be used for different reasons by different people. However, we believe that the number of people who fit the "stereotypical" Norville "Shaggy" Rogers image the public has is beginning to plateau or even thin out.

Better informed patients, bud tenders, and growers have contributed to an educated community that not only has a better handle on itself but is able to better educate the outside world. Strains, today, are grown to more precisely control the balance between a mental high and its purely medical properties. Our ability to maintain a higher standard of living and function in today's world is helping in this new found marijuana renaissance.

So far we've seen admitted weed smoker, Jennifer Aniston, play a stripper in a movie about running marijuana from Mexico. A new FOX show aired an episode with a storyline centered on pot brownies. We can't deny the success of Seth Rogen's own movie, Pineapple Express. Even medical marijuana opponent, accomplished neurosurgeon, and established Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical & Wellness unit at CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has turned a full 180 and reversed his stance on medical marijuana.

In today's society the stigma associated with the term "pot head" remains. With the help of successful and popular public figures, we are slowly turning society's view on marijuana enthusiasts on it's head. The seeds of acceptance have already begun to take root in mainstream media. The acceptance and embrace of marijuana and it's proponents is on the horizon. It really is the dawn of a new age of enlightenment for marijuana.

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