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Introducing the new Strainwise bi-weekly “Beef with Bud” series where we will expose you to what's going on in the marijuana debate. Our goal is let you know who's arguing about what in the marijuana-sphere and to hear what the heck you think about it all.

This week in “Beef with Bud” is dedicated to a Senate bill introduced by Corey Booker, Rand Paul and Kristen Gillibrand that would effectively end the federal war on medical marijuana.

What will it do?

It will provide protection from federal prosecution. This will allow doctors, patients and businesses to prescribe, use and sell medical marijuana without the fear of federal prosecution.
It will reclassify Marijuana as a less dangerous substance. Currently Marijuana sits at Schedule I along with heroin and LSD. Marijuana will be classified as a Schedule II (accepted for medical use) This would also mean that big pharmaceutical companies with deep pockets could end the marijuana retail market as we know it, pushing small business out. These companies have the political clout to make marijuana regulated like other pharmaceuticals and require them to be dispensed from a pharmacy. .
It will de-schedule low-THC strains of Marijuana. Some strains have little to no THC content but high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids with medical value.
It will allow banks to work with medical marijuana businesses. Medical and recreational marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States but banks are worried about federal law. For now marijuana retailers must deal in cash which is both risky and logistically challenging.
It will bring opportunity for research on marijuana. Currently there are stiff barriers preventing research to be done on the positive affects of marijuana. Studies have long been criticized for only presenting the potential negative effects.
It will provide easier access for veterans. As of now, Doctors from the Department of Veterans Affairs can't prescribe patients medical marijuana even in the states where it's legal.

What's the beef?

Legalization will cause a huge increase in use of medical marijuana because companies can market their products and display them in an attractive way.
Millions of youth will be negatively affected. Youth using marijuana are subject to memory, problem solving and motivation problems as well as being more likely to have multiple sexual partners.
Levels of THC have never been this high. This isn't your dad's weed anymore.
Workers that use Marijuana are 75% more likely to play hooky from work and once they finally make it into work they are at a higher risk of causing an accident.
Increased marijuana use will outweigh any financial gains from taxes. According to the opposition, employees who use marijuana will be unproductive and the cost of their physical/mental health plus the accidents they will have on the job will cost more to the economy than marijuana taxes could repay.
There's the beef and we want to know what YOU think! Tell us who's back you've got.

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