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Hope you all had a great turkey day! Looking to cure your turkey coma with some munchie inducing specials? Check out our:


Friday–Sunday, November 25–27

(While Supplies Last)


2017 Recreational Membership*

(New or Renewing Members)


Free Loyalty Points*

(With Medical member Sign-up, points valid after 01/01/2017)

20% Off

Select Medical & Recreational Edibles*

(Selection will vary by store, while supplies last, quantities are limited)

Pre-Packed Flower Ounces*

(Medical And Recreational Ounces Available, State Limits Apply, While Supplies Last)



(Valid on Pre-Packaged Ounces Only, While Supplies Last,

Select Strains Only, Strains Vary By Location)



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For breast cancer awareness month, STRAINWISE™ partnered with the Denver post to create a large scale installation on the windows of the Denver post Colfax location. See it in person in downtown Denver.

A portion of the sales from all STRAINWISE™ collection items and all CBD infused products purchased in the month of October will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Visit any STRAINWISE™ store in the month of october and look for signs on eligible products.

Become a member and be eligible for even more specials! Find all of our locations at:, Facebook/strainwise, , and

Only patients licensed under amendment 20 in the state of colorado eligible for medical , dual sales locations are 21+ only, promotion valid 10/01/2014–10/31/2014, limits: maximum of 2oz for red card holders, 1oz for recreational 21+ co residents, 1/4oz for non co residents 21+


Donate to The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Check out the Denver Post’s All In Pink Campaign

Keep awareness front and center all year long. Pick up our #First100 art canvas while they last

Click here to see our All In Pink Press Release

Check out what Erin Phillips, STRAINWISE™ President and female ganjapreneur has to say about the relationship between breast cancer awareness and STRAINWISE™.







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What is Proposition BB?

Simply put, this proposition allows voters to decide if tax revenues from the sale of retail marijuana should be retained by the state or refunded back to Colorado residents.

A Quick History

In 2013, voters approved Proposition AA which authorized excise and sales taxes on retail marijuana sales. The voters were given estimates of state revenue subject to the state's constitutional spending limit and revenue from the taxes for budget year 2014-2015. The actual state revenue for budget year 2014-2015 ended up being higher than the voter approved estimates and the state now owes taxpayers a refund, unless the voters allow the state to keep, and spend, the revenue.

Why Vote No?

In 2015, the state legislature passed House Bill 15-1367, referring Proposition BB to the voters to allow them to decide what to do wit the excess revenue. As it stands now, this excess tax revenue is required to be refunded to Colorado residents, according to the Colorado Constitution, unless voters decide otherwise. If the state is allowed to retain these excess revenues, taxpayers will effectively give up a refund to pay for program expenditures NOT prioritized in the original state budget. By voting NO, Colorado taxpayers will get back money that is rightfully theirs.

The Impact On The Marijuana Industry

Voting "No" will mean the tax revenue is refunded accordingly:

$25 million refunded to Colorado residents who file a 2015 state income tax return.
$24 million refunded directly to retail marijuana cultivators.
$17.1 million refunded to retail marijuana purchasers through a temporary reduction in sales tax.


BOGO Half Off Concentrates

July 5th - July 12th

*Only patients licensed under Amendment 20 in the State of Colorado eligible for medical, dual sales locations are 21+ only. While supplies last. Equal or lesser value is discounted. Selection varies per location. State limits: maximum of 2oz for Red Card holders, 1oz for recreational 21+ CO Residents, 1/4oz for non-CO residents. Offer valid from 7.5.15-7.12.15


Be a happy camper. Join the club that's a Mile Higher. Camp out on lowered Member Pricing for July!

$100 Ounce*
$50 Half Ounce*
$25 Quarter*
$13 Eighth*
Medical Membership

Make Strainwise™ your caregiver & receive an $85 Ounce* (Limit 1) of your choice. Any strain.

Recreational Membership

You pay only $10 all month to join the club (7.1.15-7.31.15)

*Only patients licensed under amendment 20 in the state of Colorado eligible for medical, dual sales locations are 21+ only. While supplies last. State Limits: Maximum of 2oz for Red card holders. 1oz for Recreational 21+ CO Residents, 1/4oz for non-CO residents 21+. Offer valid from 7.1.15-7.31.15. Mountain locations branded by Strainwise™. Offer valid at Strainwise™ branded locations.

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People are in a feeding frenzy over our Shark Week concentrate sale! What's the best strain to take your Shark Week marathon higher?

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Chop. Cure. Consume. CONTINUED. Enjoy amazing flower discounts when you buy in bulk on the Recreational side. Don't be a bump on a log... get down to Strainwise now!

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It is with deep regret that we share news that our clients: Western Remedies, LLC, Rocky Mountain Farmacy, Inc., Colorado Blvd, LLC, Annie’s Tobacco Emporium, LLC, Railroad Ave, Inc., GG-MMD, Inc., 5110 Race, LLC, Boulder County Caregivers, LLC and North Federal, LLC have had to downsize significantly.

Strainwise™ has reached out to several groups in the industry and have offered the use our Human Resources department in an effort to assist the employees in finding other jobs.

We will continue to consult for these clients on compliance, accounting, branding and fulfillment services.


We are always excited to team up with Grassroots California to see what fresh, new ideas we can bring to life. This time around we are releasing 4 Limited Edition STRAINWISE x Grassroots hats. Our friends at Grassroots are dedicated to quality hats with meaningful design. They are true artists.

Our latest collaboration with GRC is a tribute to the gorgeous cannabis plant. Now that legalization has arrived, we are no longer forced to be closeted smokers. This new design takes the natural beauty of the cannabis plant and adds meaningful art direction. The exclusive design is a statement of pride for the plant and everything it has to offer. It moves pot from it's stereotypical meaning, towards it's true meaning of positive change.


The limited edition hat comes in 4 unique colors: Plum, Berry, Frost and Smokey Grey. The exterior of the hat is made from 100% hemp. The front of the hat features a professional photograph of marijuana grown in our facility.When you flip the hat over to it's satin interior, you will find a vibrant marijuana leaf print. Throughout the hat there are elements that pay homage to the STRAINWISE™ Nation. In metallic, silver stitching you will find “Higher Living” and the STRAINWISE™ logo on the outside of the hat.

You can find all four colors at any of our locations. Sizes Vary. Click here to find a location near you!

Can't wait? Buy it online now.

Sizes Available: US 7 , US 7 1/8 , US 7 1/4 , US 7 3/8 , US 7 1/2 , US 7 5/8 , US 7 3/4 , US 8 , US 8 ¼

Colors Available: Plum, Berry, Frost, Smokey Grey


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